Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RISE in Greeley, CO

Making more headlines in Colorado, this time in Greeley.  The article is in the Greeley Tribune.  The link to the article is below.

RISE Makes headlines in Longmont, CO

RISE makes headlines for the second time in Colorado, this time in the Longmont, CO Times Call.  The link to the article is below.

"Arizona men cycling for suicide awareness make Longmont stop"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

RISE in Pueblo, CO Paper: The Pueblo Chieftain

We made headlines in the Pueblo Chieftain a local paper in Pueblo, CO.  Click on the link below to read the entire article.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Story of R.I.S.E. according to Thomas: Chapter 4

Divine Connectivity:  The Power of Inspiration

Inspiration is a powerful abstract force, one that can catapult a human into the vacuum of the infinite.  It has the ability of to freeze time as one is caught in the grips of inspirational rapture.  Some inspiration is fleeting and only exists for that one singular moment.  Others have the ability to stay with us and possibly carry us into our personal destiny.    What is it about a song, a painting, experience, or situation that stimulates us, taking us to a higher state of consciousness? 

Inspiration is not a theme that is confined to human creation alone, it is found in the world at large.  It is within the wilderness, the larger animal kingdom, and beyond our blue home.  For the sake of confusion, I would like to talk about the shared inspiration between humans.  To inspire or be inspired is yet another example of human connectivity; the ability to relate or the feeling of motivated empowerment to do something new for oneself.

As human beings, our creations…our lives generate a level of energy that can alter the way others perceive reality…or the world in which we live.  This is a magnificent interaction that can take place between two individuals that have never even shared the same space, let alone have seen one another.  Most important is what one does with inspiration.  When touched, what do you do with it?  Do you let it pass and become that fleeting moment that may or may not be captured by memory?  Or, do you hold onto it, make it your own, and use it to create something new and beautiful that you can share with the world.

What ever the cause for your inspiration, what it can manifest is absolute beauty.  There is no reason at all while the source has to reflect the manifestation.  What ever your creation or manifestation may be, it is now apart of a larger world and can be its own source of inspiration for others.  I feel that it is important to share ones personal narrative, whether that narrative is grim or ecstatic.   All has value and importance that reaches further than what we can comprehend.  To deny what we are, and all that we have to offer is robbing others from the connectivity that is inspiration.

Outside of losing my brother to suicide, there are four individuals that have inspired the path that I have taken. These are people that I have never had the pleasure of meeting, but have left a profound mark on my life.  The individuals responsible are Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, and Daniel Quinn.  Each a fantastic visionary with fantastic interpretations of the world we live in, where we came from, and where we may be going.  Their philosophies/art, along with my personal experiences have become a driving force behind my passion to begin RISE with Zak.

What and/or who has inspired you?  What do you wish to do with that inspiration? My hope is for this bike tour to inspire within others to fulfill their passion.  Never forget your potential to empower another to begin the journey that calls to their soul.  We all have a roll to play, not only for ourselves, but also for the entire world community.

To learn more about those individuals mentioned above.  Links to their websites are provided below.

Terrence McKenna

Alex Grey

Daniel Pinchbeck

Daniel Quinn