Wednesday, April 27, 2011

THomas Brown RISE Video Journal 4

A quick or not so quick thought on the subject of ART.

Stay Tuned...
                                 ...RISE with Us!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thomas Brown RISE Video Journal 3

Revelations and insights on this Sunday morning afternoon

 Sunday is my one and only day of rest.  Rest meaning, that I sit on the couch and continue to do RISE work along with other responsibilities, but never having to really move.

RISE TRIO Video Journal 1

This was shot out at The Lost Dog Trail in North Scottsdale just after shooting our introduction video.  The three of us sat down to briefly talk about it.  It has a bit of a silhouette, but hopefully you will get the point.


Thomas Brown RISE Video Journal 2

This was shot the morning before we shot our RISE Introduction video.  The shoot went smooth.  I will finish editing this evening and hopefully have it ready to put up tonight.


Thomas Brown RISE Video Journal 1

Just wanted to check in an let every one know where we are at in the process.  Instead of asking you to read the message, I figured I'd just tell you.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael - Video Journal - 1

I shot my first video journal on 4-15-2011 and right in the heat of the moment. I'm over it now, but to be fair I will still post this to show my sincere thoughts at the moment. Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon to see more video journals from Thomas, Zak and myself. Love n Light!

Friday, April 8, 2011

ISOLATION: A Thomas Brown Rant

A short film I wrote, directed, & cut, which was dedicated to my brother Marc Brown.  Marc committed suicide on August 20th, 2001.  I miss you brother.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


As you have read on our home page, 3 friends are preparing themselves for a 6,000+ mile cross country bicycle ride spanning 20 states (as well as the District of Columbia).  We ride for many reasons, but our main purpose is to reach out to the community of those left behind when loved ones commit suicide (Survivors of Suicide). We set out with open arms to lend our ears, our hearts, and if need be, our shoulders. We will share the stories of our own experiences with suicide (and how we have navigated the treacherous road of guilt and confusion) with the hope of finding peace.

In our discussions, we hope to enter into the dialog a perspective that has already been shared by a multitude of others throughout history, both within the suicide community and without-a simple message we hope will inspire some of those whose paths we cross while on our journey.  That message is the transcendental healing power of ART! 

The need to express is tantamount in the development of a human being and has been with us since the very beginning.  An individual’s ability to traverse their conscious and unconscious mind in order to reflect a personal perspective (based on matters either internal or external) can act as a powerful catharsis- not only for the artist, but also for anyone else who has the chance to experience the art.  As an artist, it has always helped to put myself in a state where I am free from all outside stimulus and distraction in order to reach my innermost truth.  Taking time out in one’s day for quiet and reflection can be a beneficial tool, clearing out the congestion that accumulates throughout the day.

The last ten years have given me much to reflect on.  This ride is a personal aspect of that self-reflection.  I hope that I may find the strength and wisdom to inspire the message that we will carry with us.  This journey is just as much yours as it is ours.  I look forward to meeting those of you that I will be blessed to experience.

Please, stay tuned and follow us as we RISE!

For those of you that have experienced suicide, here are links to two great resources: